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As a private psychological office, without health insurance coverage, the user comes to me as a private individual.

What are the advantages of being a private user?

- No long waiting times for a therapy place

- Immediate start of treatment, as no formalities are necessary

- Discretion: your therapy will not be disclosed to insurance companies and authorities.

- Needs-oriented appointments with self-determined duration and frequency

- Quick and easy booking through Doctolib


Sessions are generally weekly or fortnightly and last up to 50 minutes. Depending on the objectives, the frequency of sessions may vary.

Payment methods:

This is a private service not covered by Conventional Health Insurance. In the case of Private Health Insurance, the individual conditions of the contract must be clarified in advancethe mind. Health treatments are tax deductible, please present the invoice to the tax office. Depending on the providerservices and the corresponding insurance contract, the costs incurred may be covered in whole or in part. Therefore, I cannot answer questions about possible cost coverage. For more information, contact your Insurance Company.

Payment for In-Person Consultations will be made through private invoicing with payment up to 14 days after sending the invoice. 

Payment for Online Consultations must be made in advance via Stripe or Paypal.



If you are unable to attend the agreed appointment, please cancel it in good time, with at least24 hours in advance, by email or telephone, so that you do not incur any costs. Missed or unattended appointments will be charged.

Insurance Coverage & Refunds:

Public health insurance does not cover sessions. If you have general insurance, there are exceptions that can be accepted to cover the costs of private therapists. Please read the section below"Information on Payment Processing by Insurers for Alternative Therapists Specializing in Psychotherapy.” 

- Private insurance may cover the costs of psychotherapy sessions. Check directly with your insurance company to see if you are eligible.

- Some employers offer to cover health-related expenses up to a certain amount per year.

- Complementary insurance for Heilpraktiker costs between €8 and €30/month depending on your age and gender, and can partially or fully cover psychotherapy sessions. To compare offers: or

- You can deduct your psychotherapy expenses from your taxes above a certain amount when declared as "außergewöhnliche Belastung" (extraordinary charge).

Face-to-face Consultations

50 min. | €99,- (Individual consultation)

             €120,- (Couple consultation)

Location: Praxis am Nussbaumpark, Nussbaumstraße 14, 80336 München

Psychotherapy is a curative treatment, which is why it is exempt from VAT in accordance with §4 No. 14a of the German Value Added Tax Act (UstG).

* A price reduction is possible for people with financial difficulties

Online Consultations

50 min.| €70,-

Video call, Phone or Chat

Psychotherapy is a curative treatment, which is why it is exempt from VAT, in accordance with §4 no.14a of the German Value Added Tax Act (UstG).

* A price reduction is possible for people with financial difficulties

Registros do contador
Information about Payment Processing by Insurance Companies for Alternative Therapists Specializing in Psychotherapy

My practice is approved according to the alternative medicine law (Heilpraktiker beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie). This has the following implications for you as a potential customer:

State Health Insurers:They pay exclusively for medical treatments or treatments prescribed by doctors. The alternative medicine treatments I offer in my office are generally not reimbursed by these insurance companies. However, it may be useful for policyholders to ask their insurer whether and which alternative medicine treatments could potentially be reimbursed. Competition among insurers may make this possible in some cases. 

Exceptions: An exception may apply if the patient can prove that they were unable to find a reasonably accessible therapeutic place with an insurer-approved psychotherapist within a reasonable period of time. The legal waiting period is 3 months, but many insurers often refuse even in these cases; that is, the patient must take legal action against his or her insurer if he or she wants to consider having costs covered by the alternative medicine practitioner specializing in psychotherapy. 

Private Health Insurers they generally reimburse alternative medicine treatments, as long as it is agreed in the terms of the contract. Reimbursement can be full, partial or up to a certain amount per year. The basis for reimbursement is always the statutes of the insurer in question. Whether reimbursement for alternative medicine practitioners specializing in psychotherapy is provided for still depends on the individual insurance contract and how the insurer handles the specific case. Supplemental insurance for alternative medicine treatments is available to those insured by the state. Here too, reimbursement can be full, partial or up to a certain amount per year. 

Please consider the following: The patient pays the alternative medicine practitioner directly after receiving the invoice in accordance with the GebüH (Fee Schedule for Alternative Medicine Practitioners). Alternative medicine practitioners cannot settle directly with the insurer. This invoice can be submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement. Those receiving grants can also submit the invoice to their grant provider. The alternative medicine practitioner has no influence on the reimbursement amount. Alternative Medicine Practitioners (Psychotherapy) for those insured by the state With the introduction of the Psychotherapy Act, there is the possibility that state health insurers will cover the costs of therapy in exceptional cases with alternative medicine practitioners specializing in psychotherapy. According to the Social Code (SGB), certain requirements must be met to request this so-called "outside-of-contract treatment".

Such a claim for reimbursement must be made before the start of therapy and, as the applicant, you must prove the following: A reference or certificate of need, in which a psychiatric specialist (or possibly your family doctor) establishes a diagnosis accordingly. with ICD-10 and confirms the need for treatment. It is helpful to have a brief report or letter from your doctor that indicates that not treating your illness will result in worsening symptoms (and therefore increased treatment costs).

Proof that you will not be able to get a therapy place with an insurance-approved therapist in your area within the next three months (long waiting lists). As proof, make a list of the names and addresses of the therapists from the insurance company you contacted (at least 3) who cannot offer you an appointment, as well as the date of the appointment request. In the name of the commandment of humane treatment, more than 3 unsuccessful treatment requests and waiting times of more than 3 months are not acceptable. The possibility of starting therapy in a hospital environment should also be excluded.

Confirmation of the need for treatment and a list of therapists from the insurance company you contacted are sufficient for this. The above-mentioned proofs must be submitted to your insurer before starting therapy.

The insurer may deny the application, after which it may file an objection. If the objection request is also rejected, you can file a case with the social court to cover the costs.


In short:

My practice and the Insurance Company:

  • State Health Insurers: Generally do not cover alternative medicine treatments. However, due to competition, some may make exceptions.

  • Exceptions: If you can prove that you did not find an approved therapist in a timely manner, the insurance company may reimburse you.

  • Private Health Insurers: They usually reimburse alternative medicine treatments, varying depending on the contract.

  • Complementary Insurance: Available to those insured by the state and may reimburse in full or in part.


Please, note: Payment is made directly to the practitioner after the invoice is issued. Practitioners do not make direct agreements with insurance companies. This invoice can be submitted for reimbursement.

For cases where state insureds seek reimbursement for therapy with alternative medicine practitioners, a series of requirements must be satisfied, as outlined by the Social Code (SGB). It includes obtaining a diagnosis according to ICD-10 and proving that you cannot get treatment from an approved therapist within three months.

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